2020-2021 Reading Plan


Our mission is to Develop Biblically Grounded Followers of Christ. The way to do this is for us as a church, and as individuals, to be reading the Bible daily. In 2020-2021 we will be using the 2-volume devotional For the Love of God by DA Carson which follows the reading plan of Robert Murray M’Cheyne. M'Cheyne's plan is a one-year plan which we will be dividing into a two-year plan.

Here is an outline of the plan for 2021: Daily Reading Guide

1. Devotional/ Bible Reading Plan

 flog vol 2

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You can purchase the devotional at Amazon here or at Christian Books here or you can download a FREE PDF file of the devotional here.

Each days devotional includes 4 passages listed at the top of the page. We will only be reading the LAST 2 passages for each day (They are in italics). 


For the Bible reading you can use your own Bible, or you can use the YouVersion Bible app or website (https://my.bible.com/)

Select the reading plan below. This plan follows the reading plan we will be doing.

2021 youversion

2021 reading plan on Youversion

Two Year Bible Reading Plan: Volume 2

By Riverside Church

 2. Study

As you are reading, here are some questions to answers about each passage you read:

  • What kind of God is God? What did I learn about God’s character and personality?
  • What does God value? What was His intention?
  • Where did we see Jesus in these verses?
  • Who are we? Is there a command to obey? A promise to claim? Standard to live by?
  • What is the personal application for our lives?
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