We are back to meeting in person at 10:30 am on Sundays. At this time, there are no children's ministry activities (but we gladly welcome kids in the service) and no beverages are being served (but feel free to bring your own).

If you will be attending, please know we are asking that everyone wear a mask coming in and out of the building as well as when moving around the building. When you are seated at your row, you can remove your mask (if you so desire).

If you are unable to join us or don't feel comfortable joining us in person, you can view a live stream of our service on our website home page, Facebook, or Youtube. You can also watch the services any time after noon Sunday.

2020-2021 Reading/Prayer Plan


Our mission is to Develop Biblically Grounded Followers of Christ. The way to do this is for us as a church, and as individuals, to be reading the Bible daily. In 2020-2021 we will be using the 2-volume devotional For the Love of God by DA Carson which follows the reading plan of Robert Murray M’Cheyne. M'Cheyne's plan is a one-year plan which we will be dividing into a two-year plan.

Here is an outline of the plan for 2020: Daily Reading/Prayer Guide

1. Devotional/Reading Plan

For the Love of God Volume 1

You can purchase the devotional (to purchase the book at Amazon click on the book) or you can download a FREE PDF file of the devotional here.

Each days devotional includes 4 passages listed at the top of the page. We will only be reading the first 2 passages for each day (They are in italics). 

For the Bible reading you can use your own Bible, or you can use the YouVersion Bible app and select the reading plan below. This plan follows the reading plan we will be doing.

2020 youversion vol 1 

Bible reading plan on YouVersion Bible app.

Two Year Bible Reading Plan: Volume 1

By Riverside Church

2. Pray

We also want to include a time of prayer each day.

During January as well as March 11-31, we will be using the Who's your One: 30:day Reading and Prayer Guide.  We have copies in the office or your can download at PDF version here.  You can also follow the plan on your YouVersion Bible App. Click on the picture below to go to YouVersion reading plan.

Whos your one

Starting Feb 1, we will use the 40/40 prayer guide from the NAMB. We can print you a copy of the prayer guide or click on the picture below for a PDF version of the prayer guide.

40 40 pic

 3. Study

As you are reading, here are some questions to answers about each passage you read:

  • What kind of God is God? What did I learn about God’s character and personality?
  • What does God value? What was His intention?
  • Where did we see Jesus in these verses?
  • Who are we? Is there a command to obey? A promise to claim? Standard to live by?
  • What is the personal application for our lives?
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