Our Habits

Central to our life as a church is connecting with God both together and individually. Toward that end, we have several major spiritual disicplines—or habits—we pursue together:

Bible Reading

We have found great joy in walking through a church family Bible reading plan together. We are currently on a three-year walk through the Bible (2022–2024), reading through the books in alphabetical order (it's surprising how well the alphabetical order jumps back-and-forth between the Old and New Testaments!). Our normal pattern, then, is for each Sunday's sermon to cover a text from the coming week's reading.

Scripture Memory

In addition to reading the Bible, we are also working on memorizing Scripture together. Each month we have a new verse that we memorize together—from our kids to students to adults, we all work on the same verse each month.


Prayer is also a vital part of our ministry. We pray together when we gather, we have weekly prayer prompts, and a weekly time set aside to pray for the church.


All that we have is a gift from God. By taking what the Lord has given you and faithfully and cheerfully giving back to Him here at Grace, you are honoring Him and playing a direct part in developing biblically-grounded followers of Christ here in Marion County and around the world.

Small Groups

The Christian life is meant to be lived in deeply-rooted community and we seek to practice that through the discipline of gathering togther with a small group. Small groups are the main way we build meaningful relationships with other believers where we can grow and live out our faith together. 


God has uniquely gifted you and called you to serve the body. He has also uniquely gifted you and called you to be the church by serving outside the walls of the church building. We have a number of current opportunities to serve in the body, in the community, and around the world. Which of these service opportunities could you seize with the unique gifts and skills and passions God has given you?

Fellowship Meals

We also enjoy the discipline of feasting together!

When our Wednesday Night Groups are meeting (September–November, January–April), we have a weekly meal at 6:30pm. We also have church-wide fellowship meals several times throughout the year.

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