Church, let's pray together!

Prayer is a vital piece of our ministry.

Prayer Prompts

Each week there is a fresh set of prayer prompts on the back of the program that's handed out on Sunday morning. (You can also find them online here.) We offer these prompts each week as a way for us to be praying together for the same things, even when we are not gathered.

  • The first prompt is typically something that has to do with our church body—a ministry in the church (e.g. kids ministry), a particular need (e.g. asking God to raise up a new deacon), or a general prayer for the body (e.g. unity).
  • The second prompt is typically something that has to do with our mission beyond our body, such as a ministry or missionary we support or a prayer for our community schools.
  • The third prompt is typically a personal prompt for you to pray, often (but not always) related to the topic of Sunday's sermon.

Corporate Prayer Time

The elders invite you to join them in setting apart some time to pray for our church each Wednesday at 6:00pm. If you happen to be coming to the church building for Wednesday Night Groups, feel free to come a bit early and pray either together or individually in the building. Or, even if you aren't in the building, you can set an alarm for 6:00pm and take a few minutes to pray, knowing that you are joining your brothers and sisters in prayer at that time!

Request Prayer

Your shepherds pray for you regularly, and it is a special joy to know how we can be praying specifically for you:

Let us know how we can pray for you.

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